Teaching Portfolio

As I gain more experience as a teacher, the more diverse lessons I have created. From social justice to culturally relevant to groupworthy lessons, I have pushed my students thinking. I challenge their understanding of the mathematics, because math is used to make sense of the real world. I want my students to understand that math is not just "plugging and chugging" but also analyzing and making sense of their answers. I have tried to create these types of lessons for all of the classes I teach. Below are the links to the pages to the lessons I have made for a particular class. I have attached a description of the lesson, lesson documents, and a sample of student work.

Algebra 1
Senior Math

As Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry are core math courses, I have tried to include activities that would reach a wide range of students. My goal for each activity was to have each student actively engaged. It was important for me to have them learn not only the math content, but soft skills such as communication and how to work in groups. These activities focus on problem solving and critical thinking. 

Senior Math, unlike the other two courses, does not have a set in stone curriculum. With this class, I take a bit of creative freedom and explore more of the fun sides of math. With this course, we focus on personal finance, but I also get the seniors thinking about life after high school. Using their personal aspirations and goals, we explore how math is in their everyday life, from apartment hunting, budgeting, credit cards, loans, 401(k), credit scores, and everything in between. As a project-based class, my goal is to have them be ready to be an adult, with the understanding that I cannot prepare them for every situation, just as I do not expect them to be experts on everything we learn in class.

As mentioned above, as I grow and learn as an educator, the type of lessons and activities I plan and showcase will become better and more engaging. So check back often!