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Finished! Refinishing a Coffee Table Pt. 3

It is done! My goal was to learn how to refinish a table and I have definitely learned a lot. I learned what to do, like use primer even when painting with a two in one paint and primer, and what not to do, like don’t use Flotrol to avoid brushstrokes - just use a roller brush! I used a lot of different blogs that I found on Pinterest. After adding a third coat of paint to the top and shelf, and a fourth coat of paint to the legs and sides, I was finally done paining to base color.

My design changed MANY times along the way. Not only did I change my colors, but the actual design on the top of the table. Initially, I created this stencil design with my Cricut and cut it out. The details of actually making the stencil and going into spray painting it caused me to waste a lot of stencil vinyl. (See that overlap there? I didn't want that gap. Now yes I could have painted each stencil one at a time, but I didn't have the patience for that honestly. After spray painting the gold, I still needed to seat the table with polyacrylic. That was going to add on more days to this project and once again I did not have the patience.) Oh, well. You live and you learn.

On another project I was working on, I used lace and spray paint to create a stencil. And it left me with this beautiful design!

So of course since I loved it so much, I decided to add it to my table top. I love this table so much!

I touched up a few spots where the gold got under my painters tape and planned to seal it with polyacrylic. Polyacrylic is used to seal furniture for wear and tear. I decided against sealing it and selling this table while cleaning out my living room (and finally unpacking some boxes). I used a highly durable latex paint so I figured it would be okay. If anything, I may go back and seal the top with a coat or two but for now it is serving a purpose and looks amazing.

Using only networked resources for this project wasn't easier or harder for me. I felt like I was in my comfort zone. Normally when I take on any type of project, I start on Pinterest and research from there. The only difference on this project that other projects is I spent more time researching. There are a lot of places to look on Pinterest and it is very possible to have a Pinterest fail. The researching was very important to me because I only had one table and I didn't want to mess it up. Also I knew if I jumped right in with researching, it would have made my life a lot harder. This experience felt comfortable to me. I didn't feel limited or frustrated. It did, however, show me towards the end that there are a lot of videos on YouTube that I could have also used. That is how I discovered Thrift Diving, which has been my favorite blog to use.

I feel so inspired to create more beautiful furniture pieces. I have already started another one. My boyfriend found these giant wooden spools. One of them I have already sanded down and plan to make a rollin coffee table with a bookshelf. I want to learn how to stain wood and that’s what I plan to learn next on both of these wooden spools. I also have an old desk and dresser my parents gave me that I would love to refinish so they fit my style.

I misspoke at the end of my video! I meant to say if I plan to sell a piece, I will use polyacrylic to seal it.

My end goal is still to one day be able to sell some of my pieces and potentially create customized pieces. I'm excited to continue on this journey and possibly make some money!


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