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Update! Refinishing A Coffee Table Pt. 2

After going through a bunch of design ideas, I came up with light pink with rose gold rose tips, inlay and design. However, the rose gold idea had to be changed since they don’t sell rose gold spray paint, so I decided on gold. I had to use spray paint since metallic paint isn’t sold anymore (this is what I was told from the home improvement store employee). I could have bought regular crafting paint but (1) I was not going to do paint multiple layers of paint, (2) I wanted to make sure any paint I used would be durable, and (3) I refused to buy a bunch of little bottles of metallic paint from Michael’s (I already spend way too much money there). I created the design to cut out of stencil vinyl using my Cricut machine. I bought myself an orbital sander from Amazon and it has been a lifesaver on time so I’m not sanding by hand. Sanding the legs and the sides of the table was easy. When I got to the top and the shelf, I could only sand it a little bit since it was veneer.

Now, the painting was a different issue. I read that if I painted with a two-in-one paint and primer, I wouldn’t need to use primer and I could be done in about three coats. I also read about using Flotrol so I didn’t end up with brush marks. So of course I did both. I quickly learned that I shouldn’t have done either of them. I should have bought a small can of primer and added a coat or two. Why? Because of the veneer. After three two coats of pink paint, I could see the dark veneer peaking through.

Along with this, I shouldn’t have used the Flotrol. Yes Flortol thins the paint out and eliminate brush strokes but it also does what it’s supposed to do which is thin out the paint. Also, I should have bought a roller brush to do the top and shelf. This would have made it easier to apply the paint. I also read that I this would eliminate brush marks too!

As I’m going into my fourth coat of paint, I am changing a few things:

  1. Painting with no Flotrol. I’m going to paint straight out of the can because I don’t see the benefit of Flotrol right now. Even on the legs I can see the wood a little bit. I need full coverage and refuse to be painting this piece for a month.

  2. I thought I would go buy a roller brush to paint the top and the shelf, but I’m going to stick it out with my paint brush. There’s already three coats on the piece. This should be enough that brush marks aren’t an issue. Even if they are, I read that I should sand the piece down by hand with 120 grit sandpaper between coats to eliminate the brush marks and any drips.

  3. My next piece I plan to paint will have a coat or two of primer first. It makes a world of difference when putting a light color on top of a darker color. (I initially was going to remove the veneer but I felt like that was going to be a lot of work that I wasn’t willing to do on my first piece.)

A big takeaway for me was my frustrations and doubtfulness. After the second coat, I was extremely frustrated. I wanted to give up and didn’t think I would ever be able to make finishing furniture a new hobby. I also began to think I would have to keep this table and wouldn’t be able to sell it. Once I calmed down, did some more research, and added a third coat of paint, I felt more confident. This honestly made me remember this is how my students feel in my class. It was a humbling experience because I felt like quitting just like the do all the time. I began to reflect on what interventions I could add to assist my students as they go through the learning process.

Most of my sources were not that helpful. As I began working on my project and changing my plans, I found different websites to use. I honestly only referenced two of the sites but then went back to Pinterest to find better sources. The Craving Some Creativity post is the reason why I splurged on the best paint brush (and why I refuse to buy a roller brush since I spent about $9 on this brush). None of the tips include Flotrol so it’s even more of a reason why I don’t want to continue using it. The Addicted 2 Decorating post is why I bought latex paint over chalk paint. Chalk paint is $30 for a tiny container where as I can buy a pint of really nice paint at Lowe's or Home Depot.​

Now for the new posts:

These I found after my meltdown after my second coat of paint. The Weathered Door post is why I would use primer. But it is also why I decided to leave the veneer on top of the table. It’s not chipping and was in pretty good condition (She talks about laminate in her post but it convinced me that I can live with the veneer and not have to remove it.) Artyz Fartz beauty sold me over on painting veneer and actually gave a good step by step on how to. Once again, she is the reason why I need to add primer to my paint collection. Both Restoration Beauty and Honey Bear Lane give really good instructions to painting the legs of my table gold. I knew I wanted to add gold tips to make it pop and these posts give really good directions on how to go about it.

Hopefully by next weekend, I will have completed refinishing this coffee table into something AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

#MAETY1 #NetworkedLearningProject

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