My Classroom

Classroom Tour

Welcome to my classroom! This is my third year teaching. As I gain more experience, the things I add to my room (i.e. posters, decorations, etc.) increase for the benefit of my students. My goal is have my room be comfortable, be welcoming, and feel encouraging and welcoming to my students. 

Feel free to have a look around!

Building Relationships

Every year, the first week I spend building rapport and relationships with my students. I let them get to know certain aspects of me on a more personal level (i.e. favorite color, interests outside to teaching, etc.). I also take this time to learn more about my students.

Another aspect of this week is for students to get to know each other. Through problem solving and and critical  thinking actitvites, they have to communicate with their classmates. These activities are low stakes so students can not only finish the task, but also to have fun.

Technology Integration

One of my teaching goals has been to incorporate more technology into my classroom. With a Chromebook cart, I create engaging classroom activities using Gimkit, Quizizz, Kahoot, and many more.

For my project based class, Senior Math, the Chromebooks are used just about every day. From using simulations about budgeting and the stock market, to exploring colleges and careers, to using Google Classroom to turn in assignments, the Chromebooks are an important part of this class.