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Masters of Arts in Educational Technology

This page showcases my learning and growth as an educator through Michigan State University's Master's of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program. I began this program after my first year of teaching, wishing to learn how to incorporate technology into my classroom to supplement and inspire student growth and learning. This page documents my growth and learning on what educational technology means to me and what it looks like in my classroom.

  • "My Why" showcases all of artifacts I have created during the program that explain why I teach and how the MAET program has enhanced my why and passion for teaching.

  • "Creativity" showcases how this program has allowed me to be creative and how to transfer that into my classroom.

  • "Leadership" showcases how I have grown into my role as a leader within my school community.

  • "Rethinking Teaching" showcases how the MAET program has helped me reimagine my current lessons with technology and how to better teach and enhance student learning and understanding.

My Why



Rethinking Teaching

My Why
My Why

What's My Sentence?

In this video, in one sentence, I spoke about what it means for me to be an educator. In this assignment, it was hard to narrow down all of my reasons as to why I became an educator and what it means to me. This piece of work demonstrates my passion for teaching and my ability to use technology to express my passion.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

What if you did fail? Would you continue reaching for success?

What does the road to success look like?

Is this the path to success the same for everyone?

Is always going to be straight?

How does your path change?

What if this path leads you down a dark tunnel?

What curiosity leads you to enter the tunnel?

What passion drives you to keep walking through the tunnel?

What is your light at the end of the tunnel?

How do you grow along this journey?

Once you reach your light, what do you plan to do with the experience?


My light? My students.

My passion? Teaching

My curiosity? How to be the best teacher that they need.

My next steps? To reach every student I can and inspire others to do the same.


The path may change but the light at the end of the tunnel won't.


Passion Quotient/Curiosity Quotient (PQ/CQ)

For this assignment, we were given free creative reign to create something that represented our passion and curiosity as an educator through technology. I created this piece of artwork on my iPad with the app Procreate. I then added this poem to go with it to explain my creation. This creation demonstrates my ability to learn a new piece of digital technology to showcase my learning, understanding, and passion for teaching.

The link will take you the page where I studied the "wicked problem" of The Achievement Gap. Through research and talking to our professional network, my group and I came up with a list of factors and potential solutions. This work demonstrates my ability to research a given topic, take a poll, analyze data, and showcase my findings.

Creativity All Around Us.png

Creativity Around Us

Creativity is not just about creating something new, but how to repurpose an item and its use. The goal was to rethink what does creativity mean to you and how can an everyday object be viewed differently and creatively. I was pushed to think beyond what an object's purpose is, to how to reimagine it with a new purpose. From this, I began to come up with my initial definition of what creativity is. This piece of work demonstrates my ability to be flexible and creativity. This has influenced how I have reimagined my content for the benefit of my students' learning and understanding.

Click here to see how my thinking has grown and changed.


Network Learning Project

The goal of this project was to learn how to do something using only the internet (i.e. blogs, YouTube, etc.). I decided to take on learning how to refinish furniture. This process had me reflect on how my students feel when learning and understand their frustration with failure. My journey is documented in the following blog posts:


This piece of work showcases my ability to learn a new skill and learn from failure. This has influenced my teaching and how I help students approach challenges and learning new content and skills.

Makey Makey Project

During an exploration of makerspaces, my partner and I discovered Makey Makey. Students can learn about circuits and coding to play musical instruments or video games with everyday objects. On the website, linked below, lessons plans we created to introduce students to circuits through playing Guitar Hero. This work displays my ability to create a STEM lesson that incorporates innovative technology and caters to the 21st century learner.

A link to the website for all of the lesson plans created with other makerspaces toys can be found by clicking here.


As an educator, I realized how I am a leader in my school community. In my initial exploration of defining my leadership, I learned how I could create a bigger impact on the students I see everyday. I began to come up with plans to start a mentoring program, #crowned, for my female students.

As I began to put together an outline for the mentoring program, I researched the impact they have on my demographic of students. My goal was to create a program that the girls found insightful and impactful. I researched what type of mentoring program would have the greatest impact on at-risk inner city girls.

A link to my presentation of my mentoring program can be found here. A copy of my research paper can be found here. This work showcases my ability to research a given topic and give an oral presentation on my findings.

Note: The artwork to the left was created by a former student.

Rethinking Teaching
Rethinking Teaching

Quickfire challenges were a way to push my thinking further and more in depth. These activities taught me about failure and how to think creatively. This thinking began to influence my teaching. This work demonstrates how I learned to be flexible, work within time constraints, and how to think outside of the box when it comes to learning and teaching.

The goal of this assignment was to rethink how to teach a lesson I've already taught by adding in a technology component. This demonstrates my ability to take a lesson and reimagine it with the use of technology to enhance the lesson to give students a better and more in-depth understanding of the concept.

The link on the left are the initial tools I learned about throughout my graduate program. This list gives a description of the tool, the affordances and the constraints. This work demonstrates my learning and growth during the MAET program of how to use technology inside the classroom.

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