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Algebra 1 Teaching Portfolio

Let's Save the World!

With my Honors Algebra 1 class, I decided to implement my first cross-curricular project-based learning lesson. I teamed up with the English and Social Studies teacher to show students that math can relate to classes other than just science. My goal was to incorporate the school's 3D printers and filament recycler to create a STEAM lesson to highlight how math can be used creatively. The theme of the project was the environment and climate change.

In Algebra 1, the mathematical concepts we focused on were proportions and linear functions. For the proportions, students had to use proportions to create minute models of planter boxes. Using TinkerCAD, students designed 3D models of their planter boxes. For the linear functions, we planned to grow plants that filter the air and track their growth over time. Another goal was to teach students about sustainability and recycling plastic to create 3D printed planters, and to calculate how many planters needed to be created to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

In English, students read articles on climate change and speeches from Greta Thunberg. In groups, they then did their own research on climate change. After they finished, they created speeches about what we should be doing to combat climate change. In US History, they were learning about the effect of propaganda posters on the American public during WW2. They then created propaganda posters on climate change.

The final part of this project was to put everything together and have students present their learning to their State Representatives since we were down the street from the state capital. However, school was shutdown in March 2020 due to the pandemic and we were unable to finish all parts of the project.

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