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About Me

My name is Cheyenne Peters. I graduated from Michigan State University in May of 2016. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with a minor in Sociology and a concentration in Urban Education. I completed my year-long student teaching internship in Ferndale, Michigan where I taught Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus. I currently teach in Lansing, Michigan.


Expanding my craft and knowledge of teaching math is very important to me. I attend webinars through Kappa Delta Pi and professional development offered through my school district. I am currently working towards a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology from Michigan State University.

Teaching combined my love for math and my passion for helping others. I became a teacher because I wanted to be a positive influence on students lives. My goal is to be a role model. I wanted students who look like me to believe that they can learn math. I want them to see that they can also be represented in STEM fields. 


My favorite animal in the world (borderline obsession) are penguins. This was my face after going to the Penguin House at the Detroit Zoo and coming out with a new stuffed animal.


My amazing coworkers and I bonding after work. My coworkers have become my closest friends and are like family to me. 

I'm from the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I grew up with my parents and my younger sister.

When I'm not teaching, planning, and reflecting, I'm cooking up a new recipe. I love finding different dishes and adding my own spin to them. I also love to find amazing restaurants in my neighborhood and trying new dishes.

Another interest of mine is crafting. I get ideas from Pinterest and create beautiful pieces of art for gifts and decorations. 

I have a puppy named Lacy. She is a sweet and loving dog who enjoys cuddling up next to me and being scratched behind the ears.

I love to travel and see the world. So far I've been to Canada, South Africa, and Puerto Rico. I really want to go to Italy, Spain, and Greece. My goal, however, is to fill my passport.

While at MSU, I joined Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. I enjoy spending time with my chapter and meeting new sisters. 

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